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03/29/2004: "Our On Going Dedications"



....The Church

....All Of Us

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[email protected]">Rev.Steven B. Thompson said @ 03/30/2004 06:08 PM CST


Hatchetface said @ 03/30/2004 08:07 PM CST

....and the leaves of the Tree of Life were for the healing of the nations. Rev. 2, 22

sandy from virginia said @ 03/30/2004 09:26 PM CST

the medical and pharmacutical industrial complex and thoes who own into it make a lot of money off the missfortune of sick if the sick person isnt having a hard enuff time of it ...this industry sucks a sick persons life bread right out from under him while the controling governmental/medical authorities seem to do all they can to avoid finding a cure the pharmacutical is delighted to treat the symptoms indefinately.....

Infoknot Guy said @ 03/30/2004 09:32 PM CST

Greetings Friends,

It's a long story, but, in my case, I found that a tiny pinch of refer combined with a long trail run generated an eruption of epiphanies every time. These epiphanies, grace gifts from some seriously sacred physics, renewed my spirit and gave me the strength to carry on with my mission from God: namely, while embedded for this brief eye blink of a life in the baryonic brane of being, why not get off my duff and organize a global children's educational play network on the Internet? Not only will kids learn math and science while having fun, but the game itself will connect hearts and minds around the world. Oh yeah, and one more thing, it had better happen quickly.

Now I'm just a human so it's not perfect, but the world game to save planet Vearth has begun, and --in the name of my savior Jesus (who, I believe, was also a trail runner:-)-- may it grow and grow and grow and grow and glow the globe in peace as one. Amen.

PS -- The snowball has left the summit and you can check out the revolution of play now forming at

[email protected]">R BOSE said @ 03/31/2004 12:03 AM CST

Dear Christians for Cannibas,

Thanks for providing the public with an excellent web site.

I have a yahoo group focsed on issues that the mainstream corporate media ignores, it at:

I was doing some web research into mind control and discovered that Cannibas helps to block the efforts of those trying to brainwash us. Cannibas was used as an experimental drug during Project Monarch trauma programming, they found out that it hampered the efforts of the programmers.

Take Care,

R Bose

[email protected] said @ 03/31/2004 11:16 AM CST

I Thank GOD 4 cannibus every day, now if I could just get my state (california) to quit cowering to the feds and assist US in getting easy access (as promised in 215) to this wonderful, natural, created by GOD, medicinel herb, my life wouldn't be plagued with fear, (scared to death my door will be kicked off it's hinges by jackbooted thugs, the cops), this living in constant fear can't be healthy, it's definitley unneccessary. I do feel alot better after finding your site, thanks, Steve

jini said @ 03/31/2004 02:14 PM CST


The average unique visitor count is around 200 a day. Yesterday the ChrisitansForCannabis.Com site received 2,661 visitors. Today there were 1200 visitors before 11:00 a.m. CST.

Getting that post out or a similar one was my main goal for Monday. The day started out rough though, and by Monday night things had peaked to their worst. As I was sitting, somewhat overwhelmed in my bedroom, I asked myself what was the one thing that I had wanted to get done today that I had not been able to do. The answer and my movement to the computer was immediate and almost simultaneous.

For me, music is the great communicator. Whitey Ford's, "What It's Like" [warning - explicit lyrics] -, pretty much opened my conservative Christian eyes to "what its like", and changed my way of thinking and my life. His words, along with the words of Creed, Jewel, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and others greatly influenced who I am and where I am now. The Beatles songs that I posted are my very own dedications that I send out every time I listen to the songs. I thought a public posting of them would be a good idea, but I did not expect the avalanche of visitors that it produced. I can not help but perceive this type of reaction as good seeds planted and can not help but to expect a good crop.

I do not get to say as much online as I would like, as some of you have noticed. The world here is full of children to train, walking wounded to tend to and foreign, difficult terrain to make it over. I thank everyone for their prayers and words of encouragement. I ask that you continue to pray, not just for me, but for each other and the subculture we live in and serve. The worlds is a dangerous place and too many have been left defenseless. Remember, we do not wage war as the world does. Our fight is not against flesh and blood. When opportunity arises, never fail to give help when it is needed, give kindness to all you meet, and try to do no harm to anyone, by word or deed.

Thank you all for reading,
love and peace,

nylla said @ 04/05/2023 08:11 PM CST

There is no money to made from legalized marijuana. Therefore, no one with power will be in hurry to see it legalized. Thank God for this website.

[email protected] said @ 04/09/2022 05:49 PM CST

muy buena la informacion de esta pagina y yo creeo que es cierto
" que se trata de una super planta " sera por eso , que como todo lo bueno y lo que realmente conduce hacia la verdad ,este censurado y prohibido.


Prelude to the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan said @ 04/22/2004 05:30 AM CST

Prelude to the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan of Afghanistan attempts to collect information related to the reasons and dynamics that led to the nearly decade-long presence of a hundred thousand Soviet troops in Afghanistan.

Human said @ 05/04/2023 12:01 AM CST

God strengthen you to continue to preach His message of peace and freedom for all human beings created in his image.


rosy said @ 05/20/2004 08:53 AM CST

In high school I thought it would only be a matter of time till cannabis was legalized. But as time goes on (24years after high school) it apears even farther from happening.
Point being, look at how all are personal freedoms are being eroded more and more every day.The patriot act being the latest tool the govement is using to spy on us unsupervised by a court of law!

mc said @ 07/26/2004 04:14 PM CST

Actually, there is BIG money to be made off marijuana -- that's why it's kept illegmc. Some people are making the money & prefer to keep it that way. Instead of using it for the nationmc good, some prefer to keep it for their OWN good. Lining private pocketbooks is favorable to lining government pocketbooks. They use it to fund private wars against the genermc population.

that 420 guy said @ 08/26/2004 06:59 PM CST

Thank you for an enlightening and educational site. I have been trying to research the general history of cannabis hemp on Earth, and this site stays well informed. Living in California has its perks, although if only they'd let up on the marijuana issue. Oh well, in my lifetime this will happen. Stay vigilant, and long live the champions of hemp!

jose hemp seed said @ 09/13/2004 11:27 AM CST

look up the early catal huyuk in what now is called turkey.they utilized psychedelic drugs.syrian rue,amanita muscaria mushrooms,ergotized grains and cannabis in there religion and they were the oldest culture on record

jose hemp seed said @ 09/13/2004 11:46 AM CST

we eat what grows under crap.we smoke what grows under crap.have a happy crappy life.

jini said @ 09/23/2004 09:13 PM CST

Sorry I have not been able to be around at all lately. I have been at Rock Bottom so to speak.

Just remember, God is on the side of justice, there is absolutely no way we can lose.

Much love, peace, mercy and hope for you all.


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